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On a cold snowy morning of April 1940, Germany invaded Oslo making Norway's participation in WW2 a fact. One of the German's main objectives was to take control of the country’s vast gold reserve.

Luckily a group of brave Norwegian soldiers and volunteers refused to sit by and let this happen. With the secret code name “The heavy luggage” they took it upon themselves to transport 50 tons of gold out of Oslo and to safety.


The Escape

As enemy bombs rained over Norway, the gold was transported by trucks to Lillehammer, before continuing the journey by train on the Rauma Railway. The enemy was not far behind as the steam train sped through the valley and rolled into Åndalsnes Station.

A few days later the escape continued with the help of 25 trucks. They did not get far before three enemy planes started dropping bombs all around them. The Norwegians decided to go into hiding until it was safe, but the planes did not retreat. In the end they had to continue the dangerous journey while bombs still fell all around them.

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The Rauma Railway


They eventually managed to load the gold onto ships, which needed to be done in several instances due to the aerial attacks.

On May 24th, even after two encounters with bombers, the gold arrived safely in England. From here the gold was transported to USA and Canada. The operation ended with success – with Norway remaining in control of their gold holdings.

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