Europe's most scenic train journey

Discover the true gold of Norway.

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The Rauma Line is rich with a dramatic WW2 history and has been used as a backdrop for blockbuster movies like Harry Potter and Mission: Impossible. Board the Golden Train and discover Europe's most scenic train line.

Spectacular fjords, mighty mountains, dramatic waterfalls and beautiful views – this is the true gold of Norway. Lean back in your train seat and enjoy the vivid storytelling as you go.

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Rauma River

Hollywood glamour

The journey starts at Åndalsnes Station and moves along the beautiful Rauma River.

Take part in the same adventurous route as Tom Cruise in Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One. Just remember to follow the thrills from the safety of your seat and we'll leave the action scenes on top of the roof to Ethan Hunt.

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Troll Wall (Trollveggen)

Meet the Trolls

Almost hugging the massive Troll Wall you are treated with an up close, epic view of Europe’s largest vertical rock face.

According to the old legends trolls will turn into stone if exposed to sunlight. Many moons ago a fairytale troll wedding took place in Romsdalen.

When the bridal party climbed on top of the happy couple's new house to make sure it was as high as the sky, the sunrise caught them by surprise. To this day you can see the stone troll family looking down at you.

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Passing Kors Church you will get to peek at Norway's "wandering church". With an interesting history dating back to 1498 this church has been moved several times. Hurry up and get your photo before it wanders off again!

Marvel at Verma Waterfall as it plummets 380 meters down from the top of the mountain edge.

Kylling Bridge – stone carved railway bridge is one of the most iconic landmarks in the area

Kylling Bridge

Remarkable landmarks

Even Harry Potter was mesmerized by this journey – and as a wizard, he knows magic when he sees it! Cross the same bridge as our heroes did in Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince.

Known as one of Norway's finest engineering pieces, Kylling bridge is Norway's most famous railway bridge. A must see landmark in this area.

Bjorli Station

A unique experience from start to finish

At Bjorli we’ll step off the train, continue the storytelling and treat you to a few neat surprises to make the experience complete.

New sides of the story are told on the way back to Åndalsnes ensuring a unique experience on your return.

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The railway officially opened in 1924

An Engineering Masterpiece

Built with groundbreaking technology for its time, the Rauma Railway is possibly Norway's most impressive engineering projects ever.

Starting in 1912, the building process was long and challenging. As a workaround through the steep inclines in the mountain rich area, the route includes a turning system with an 180 degree tunnel turn.

This meant that the railway managed to avoid the maximum gradient being exceeded. In the beginning of the 1900s this was revolutionary technology, which thankfully was supported by masterful handiwork. The railway officially opened in 1924.

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